Saturday, December 12, 2015

                      STAR WARS:the force awakens 

Image result for star wars the force awakens hey!! guys!! are you all ready for the foece to be awakened but before that what Im abou to tell you is that this is just theories based on the trailers that was release.

 On the first trailer we heard of an old mans voice saying ''there has been an awakening , have you felt it?'' then suddenly finn(john boyega) apppeared with his storm trooper armor but he looks like he was running away from something.And after that BB-8 and the new versions of storm troopers came like theyre preparing to go to a battle.Rey(Daisy ridley) riding in her speed cycle then poe dameron(oscar isaac) appeared and the resistance.And here comes our unknown enemy kylo ren(Adam driver) with his ragged lighsabre with unknown design appeared in a snowy forest and last but not the least the millennium falcon flying in action and the end of trailer 1.

In the second trailer we see an fallen star destroyer and x-wing and hearing the voice luke skywalker(mark hamill) saying "the force is strong in my family, My father has it, I have it, My sister has it, and you have that power to" and battle rages on and on then siddenly han solo(harrison ford) and chebacca(peter mayhew) appeared and han solo said " chewy were home" and the end trailer 2.

Now the third trailer we hear rey and I believe she's talking to leia(carrie fisher) asking rey "who are you?" "I'm no one" rey replied then the trailer continued rey talking to bb-8 asking him "where do you come from?"I'm all about waiting... for my family" and then she's with finn while bb-8 is telling them the empire is coming burning the place down.And kylo ren talking "I will fulfill our destiny, I finnish... what you started" both of them running away from the emphire, the millenium falcon flying away from two tie fighters,finn and rey introduced themselves to each other, and x-wings started to appear, storm troopers appearing< and rey talking to han saying "those stories about what happend" and han solo said " the force is true all of it" and after a few scenes she said "hope is not lose it is found" and thats that i hope you guys loved my article about the trailers of "star war the force awakens".
 Hey!guys Im christian and this is my fist araticle so bear with me  here bit before I start my article I want you to know a little about   myself  I'm 15 years old, I'm in 10th grade, and a very weird kid