Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I went to Lents Park tonight to watch a friend's soccer team, and about 5 minutes after I parked my car, I saw a bicyclist get hit by a car. I was walking toward one of the soccer fields, facing Holgate Blvd, when I heard a crash. I looked up (I was texting my friend to try and locate his field) and saw a bicycle and a person flying through the air; the bicycle had to be between 10 and 15 feet off the ground. It all happened very quickly. Person and bicycle landed violently in the street, and then a car skidded to a stop next to them, obscuring my view from where I stood about 150 feet away. There were two cars and the bicyclist involved in the collision, but I could not determine what had actually happened, I was too far away. I dialed 911 and reported what I'd seen. A crowd immediately gathered and I walked around the end of the soccer field, toward the intersection of Holgate and 92nd Ave. After dialing 911 I texted what had happened to Audrey. A woman was screaming angrily at one of the cars, and had the bicycle in her hand, trying for a moment it looked like to throw it. I stopped about 30 feet away from the crash site and saw the legs of the bicyclist, he was lying face down in the street but half his body was still obscured from me. The angry woman was now howling. I thought the man was dead, and I did not want to see a dead body. An ambulance came in about 2 minutes I think, during which time I did not see the man's legs or feet move.

About five minutes later the bicyclist was sitting up with a neck brace on, talking and gesturing to the EMTs; he appeared dazed but otherwise, amazingly, not seriously injured. The howling woman was being led away by another woman, and her face was red, she was crying uncontrollably. I was very relieved that the bicyclist was not dead, and went to find my friend's game (it was on the other side of the park, but by coincidence some of the soccer players who ran out into the road after the crash were playing for another team that I have friends on).

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Jerry (Oi) said...

I heard about this from some of the NEU guys. I used to live a couple of blocks from there, and used to see stuff like this quite a bit. Lents is fun!