Friday, March 13, 2009

An Open Letter to the Portland Trail Blazers

Last Wednesday during the hearing at Portland City Hall, which culminated in a 3-2 vote in favor of renovating PGE Park for an MLS Timbers soccer team and building a new baseball stadium for the Beavers in the Rose Quarter, one J.E. Isaac, a senior executive with the Portland Trail Blazers, testified to the effect that the Blazers were against the deal. His rationale was that the Beavers stadium, which is to be built where the Memorial Coliseum now stands, will hurt the "24/7 Entertainment District" the Blazers have planned for the Rose Quarter. This is the response I have sent to them:

Subject: It was a dirty trick.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a Portland Timbers season ticket holder, and I am a Portland Trail Blazers season ticket holder, and I was very saddened and angered to see J.E. Isaac sitting in front of the Portland City Council last Wednesday, attempting to undermine the deal to bring Major League Soccer to Portland. I think you ought to keep in mind that your fanbase has a large overlap with the Timbers' fanbase. I think you ought to keep in mind the current state of your team, vis-a-vis public opinion, compared to where it was a mere 2 or 3 years ago. And I think you ought to be less selfish and think about the needs of the City, rather than just the needs of your owner's greedy fat pockets.

Paul Allen owns the Blazers, the only first division team in Portland. Paul Allen also owns part of the MLS seattle sounders (*spit*). I find it incredibly insulting that you tried this transparent ploy to smother competition for Allen's precious bottom line. If the vote on Wednesday hadn't gone in favor of bringing MLS to Portland (and it won narrowly 3-2, as I'm sure you're aware, despite your desperate machinations), I would have immediately gotten a refund on next year's ticket, which I've been forced to purchase already in order to secure my playoff tickets for this season (which is an entirely different complaint, again a factor of your despicable greed). As it stands I am none too pleased with you all, and I'm far from alone in these sentiments (I suggest you listen to your precious do-boy John Canzano's show these days, even that mindless soccer-hater can smell the rat in the room). Get with the program and stop trying to hurt Portland and Portland's sports fans in an effort to enrich your own seattle-based (*spit*) teams.

To Paul Allen, J.E. Isaac, and anyone else in on this sleazy trick: You should be ashamed of yourselves. The Timbers, Trail Blazers, and a Rose Quarter-based Beavers baseball team, can all coexist in this town, to the mutual benefit of all parties. But if you try to undermine our Portland Timbers again, you ought to know we have a loyal, tireless, and fiercely protective fan base called the Timbers Army, and we will not stand for any more of your dirty tricks. This aggression will not stand!

Lucas Grzybowski
SE Portland


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Brilliant letter! My sentiments, exactly.